Dianova Slipsill – a combined diamond sharpener for scissors and knifes

34.90  inc. VAT

Sharpens: Knifes and scissors
Material: Birch wood
Length:     230 mm
Width:         60 mm
Thickness:  19 mm


The Slipsill is a both good looking and well performing scissors and knife sharpener.
It has the distinct advantage over many other knife sharpeners (yes there are many out there) that you actually can stand it’s looks and leave it out on the kitchen bench or hanging above the sink so that it will be used when the need arises.  The material is oil treated birch wood fur durability and resilience against dirt. This sharpener as always is based upon our world leading diamond sharpeners.

Length:     230 mm
Width:        60 mm
Thickness: 19 mm


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Weight 105 g

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