Diamond whetstone. A knife shearpener for your knife sheath

Diamond Blade – a whetstone for your sheath


Whetstone in the form of a blade. Readymade knife sharpener for your knife sheath with super strong tape.

Length: 50 mm

Width:   20 mm

Thickness: 0.7mm


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A Swedish-made diamond whetstone in the form of a thin diamond coated strip, backed with epoxy-based tape.

It sticks easily to any flat surface as long as it is free from grease and dust.

A very handy way to ensure that you always carry a knife sharpener and can maintain a working edge on your knife while out and about.

Length: 50 mm

Width:   20 mm

Thickness: 0.7 mm

Diamonds: 60 or 30  micron monocrystalline of the highest quality rating. Translated to grit, this is 300 or 600 respectively.


Additional information

Weight 2 g
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 0.7 mm

300, 600