Eldvass - combined fire steel and knife sharpener and a Morakniv Garberg

Eldvass – fire steel and knife sharpener

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Combined fire steel and knife sharpener where one side is covered with a durable diamond surface.

  • 100 g
  • 100 * 15 * 15 mm
  • Suspension in 550 paracord
  • Body consists of ferrocerium
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Eldvass – the ultimate survival companion for those who love the great outdoors. Eldvass combines the reliability of a robust fire steel with the function of a knife sharpener. To make things even better the sharpener is a long lasting diamond whetstone of our own manufacture, designed for the enduring adventurer.

The sharpener has a solid ferrocerium body of 100 x 15 x 15 mm, where one of the sides serves as a knife sharpener since it is covered with a diamond surface. A perfect combination for keeping the edge of your knives or axes razor-sharp or to sharpen the spine of the knife to produce lots of sparks from the fire steel. The other three sides are free to use as a traditional fire steel. This way you can light a fire under all weather conditions.

Complemented with a durable paracord cord, Eldvass is not just a tool but a survival necessity. It hangs easily on your belt or backpack, always within reach when you need it. Venture into the wild with confidence, knowing that your needs for lighting fire and sharpening knives are covered with “Eldvass” – where robustness meets finesse.


  • 100 * 15 * 15 mm
  • One of the sides is a knife sharpener with a diamond surface across the entire side
  • Suspension in 550 paracord
  • The fire steel body consists of ferrocerium

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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 100 × 15 × 15 mm

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