Cook knife sharpener with

Cook knife sharpener – long and double sided


Cook knife sharpener of professional-quality.  Double-sided with large diamond surfaces.

250 * 20 * 3 mm

150 * 19 mm – monocrystalline diamond surfaces

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A Swedish-made professional-quality double-sided diamond knife sharpener with large diamond-covered surfaces.

The long 150 mm diamond-covered surfaces make for faster sharpening and the thin profile allows access to every area to be sharpened. The diamond knife sharpener has either a fine and a coarse side of 300/600 grit (60 or 30 micron diamonds) or 600/1200 (15/30 microns) depending on what variant you choose. The Cordura sheath keeps the sharpener clean and prevents it from accidently scratching other tools while stored.

Dianova Lapstone’s proven manufacturing process has been used since 1993 to guarantee an even, hard-wearing surface with an unequaled number of diamonds per square millimetre.

Length: 250 mm

Width: 20 mm

Diamond blade thickness: 3 mm

Diamond surfaces:  150 * 19 mm – monocrystalline diamonds of the highest quality rating

Additional information

Weight 88 g
Dimensions 250 × 20 × 3 mm

With Sheath, No Sheath

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