Önne Strigel – leather strop and diamond whetstone

49.0 inc. VAT

Double sided diamond whetstone with superfine diamond surface (1200 grit) combined with a leather strop

Height: 150 mm
Width:     45  mm
Height:    17 mm
Weight: 70g

A Soft case and anti slip pad is included



Swedish made combination diamond whetstone and leather strop. 1200 grit diamond surface on one side and natural untreated leather on the other.
The combination is perfect when putting that finishing touch on your knife and want that razor sharp edge!


  • Double sided: 1200 grit diamond whetstone combined with leather strop on other side makes this the ultimate whetstone when really chasing that razor edge
  • Large but not too large, since it fits well in your hand when sharpening an axe for example
  • 150 * 45 * 17 mm
  • Lightweight – thanks to modern technology we can keep the weight down to only 70 grams
  • 17 mm high so it’s comfortable to have on the work bench and not drag your knuckles while sharpening
  • Anti slip pad is included, both as protection for the work bench bot also to keep everything steady
  • A soft case is included

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Weight 60 g

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