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Hi, I’ve used my double sided professional now for 10 years and it’st about time to get a new one. Can I purchase directly from you?

I build musical instruments on my spare time, mostly ukulele and some guitars. I have a pile of Japanese whetstones for chisels and planer steel, but it happens very often that I take the diamond chisel for faster sharpening directly at the workbench. And then it is so good to bring with me if I travel anywhere with the tools.

- Sven Nyström

I want to thank you for your excellent diamond sharpeners, the best I have found. I just bought a new one when I started my own watchmaking company and quick teaching at Watchmaker’s school where I had the old sharpener from you. We have recommended your sharpeners to colleagues abroad and some in Switzerland, that have been very impressed and bought them as well.
The sharpeners are particularly good for cemented carbide sticks for hardened steel turning. But also to sharpen chisel blades and short mission shafts.
It may be a good idea for you to contact salesmen and watchmakers, more should try your products and drop primitive grindstones.

- Roberts Harlin
Urmakare på Tidlösa Ur

I use it for example. quickly grind off extra material on parts I work with.
An example is when I shortened an assignment shaft (hardened steel) and want to level the end. But in common, it is a brilliant tool to remove material on steel details. I got to taste it after using it at the watchmaker’s school many years ago. It was the only thing that worked well on carbide inserts for the lathe as well, so that is another area of use.

- Patrik Sjögren
Urmakare på GoS Watches

Our sausage chopper is 325 liters, and after each day we sharpen the knives with the Dianova sharpener. This means that we do not have to dismount and grind them to the same extent as before. This saves a lot of time and also means that we can maintain a consistent quality of the products from day to day. Previously, we dismounted and sanded the chopper knives at least once a week in our big grinder but since many years now we use diamond sharpeners and can because if this keep the sharpness good for about three weeks. We think that’s good. A good and simple solution for keeping the chopper sharp. They work well with other knives as well, but for our part, it’s the sausage chopper we use them on, mostly…

- Michael Bergquist
Produktionsledare Delsbo Chark


I want to order 4 sharpeners of type Classic Long

I would also like to take the opportunity to advise you to market your sharpeners to the engineering industry and especially to us as automatic lathes. I have used your sharpeners for about 15 years to sharpen Carbide tools and also when manually grinding special tools and odd radii. In short I would not have coped without this whetstone. I have tried many others but nothing comes close to yours.

- Sven Isaksson
Ägare Swemek Algarås Mek. AB

Dianova Lapstone – your specialist store whenever you need to sharpen or hone anything.

Since 1993, we have been manufacturing diamond abrasives with various purposes and shapes, all sharing the common factor of using our own diamond surfaces, which we produce in Sweden using the best raw materials and our secret recipe. This is what creates the world’s best diamond surfaces, forming the foundation of our business.
From these diamond surfaces, we then make various types of products, whether for the Home, Outdoor Life, or Sports. Yet, all variations of sharpeners and abrasives are just different aspects of the base product – the diamond surface or diamond abrasive, whichever name you prefer.

The category we call Home includes knife sharpeners for the kitchen, scissors sharpeners, pruner sharpeners for the garden, and large whetstones with angle supports for the carpentry workshop.
Outdoor Life is a category that naturally includes knife sharpeners but also axes, fishing hooks, and combinations of different products like firesteel integrated with a diamond knife sharpener.
Sports is our newest category, where we combine our expertise in abrasives and sharpeners with modern technology to make sharpening easy. Whether it’s for skates, slalom skis, or ice augers, it should be easy to achieve good results.
The world’s best diamond surfaces combined with simple and well-designed products of high quality, coupled with a total absence of motors, batteries, and other components that are usually the first to break and drive up prices, summarize our philosophy quite well.
Simple, stylish, and durable is another summary.