Önne – large and double sided diamond whetstone

49.0 inc. VAT

Double sided diamond whetstone amd knife sharpener with fine and coarse sides – corresponding to 600 and 300 grit respectively.

A soft case and anti slip pad is included in the price

Length: 150 mm

Width:      45 mm

Height:    16 mm

Weight: 60g





Double sided diamond whetstone and knife sharpener with a fine and coarse side.

  • Double sided with both fine and coarse diamond surfaces. The corresponding to 300/600 grit
  • Large but not to large, since it’s comfortable to hold in your hand when sharpening
  • Light – thanks to modern technology we can keep the weight down to 60 g
  • The height is 16 mm making it convenient to place on the workbench and sharpen without scraping your knuckles
  • Rubber anti slip pad included, both for protection of the work bench as well as keeping everything teady when sharpening
  • A soft case is included
  • Made in Sweden

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Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 150 × 45 × 16 mm

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