Badge Multitool - Screwdriver
Badge multitool knife sharpener and Roselli knife

Military Badge – knife sharpener and multi tool


A diamond knife sharpener with large and sturdy pocket clip.

A simple multitool usable as makeshift flathead screwdriver and beer bottle opener.

85 * 25 mm

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A diamond knife sharpener that not only has a pocket clip, but IS a pocket clip.

Based upon the identity tag that many soldiers throughout the world have on their chests but instead of the grade/surname , we have fitted our Swedish-made diamond strip and made it to a knife sharpener.

The result is a small, flexible sharpener that can easily be attached to a trouser pocket as well as a rucksack. Super handy and since the steel is good we grind the corner of the noxe into two practical screwdrivers.

The nose can be used for scraping or screwing larger flat head screws, making it even more usable. In addition as anyone wearing this badge during his or her military service have already discovered, the clip itself makes it an excellent beer bottle opener! A true multi tool friend.

Length: 85 mm

Width: 25 mm

Thickness: 0.5mm

Diamonds: 30 micron monocrystalline of the highest quality rating (the coarseness corresponds to 300 grit)

Additional information

Weight 33 g
Dimensions 85 × 25 × 6 mm

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